The thinktank

The ‘MathsInTerre’ Research Thinktank is a project financed by the French National Research Agency (ANR), hosted by the IHP and supported by the INSMI - CNRS, structures that realise the importance of reflecting on the subject of “Mathematics and the complexity of the Earth system”.

The project was launched in January 2013 for one year with the aim of making a contribution to a more systemic and integrated vision of the subject. Its ultimate goal is to stimulate discussion upstream of the definition of an action plan for the ANR. Beyond this, it is a question of providing input for analyses and debates in the scientific communities concerned by the issues associated with the rapprochement of mathematics and the Earth sciences.

The Thinktank’s overriding mission was to construct a collective analysis from truly multidisciplinary interaction. Thus, to avoid the pitfall of adopting a viewpoint restricted to mathematics, we worked in collaboration with a wide consortium of researchers including mathematicians and scientists who were not from the mathematics community. We also benefited from collaboration with learned societies in mathematics, the INSMI-CNRS Research Groups, the AMIES and the RNSC. Thanks to these numerous partnerships, the Thinktank was able to communicate and use the funding of the ANR to implement different formats for discussions and meetings. The variety of supports used enabled this extensive community to collectively reflect on the state of knowledge in the field and the collaborative actions to be developed as a priority.

The results of this reflection are now available in the form of a report and a summary. See Downloads to have access to the reports.

To know more about the project and its collaboration, go and visit the website of the arp mathsinterre.

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