mathematics of Planet Earth axis

Given the action plan drawn up by the ANR, it is essential to have an important transverse axis, which we will call the
« Mathematics of Planet Earth » (MPE axis),covering fundamental and applied research. This axis will have three objectives:

to make the link between the major societal challenges and the “all-knowledge challenge” on the MPE theme

In the action plan, it is important to link fundamental research and applied research. This will encourage the development of new ideas and help new groups on topics that would not necessarily have been defined a few years beforehand.

to make the link between mathematics and the other disciplines

It is important to explicitly mention mathematics (in the real world, emerging and numerical) in the action plan, and its importance in unlocking certain scientific doors. The essential criteria for selection must be the quality of the questions on the MPE theme as well as the quality of the multidisciplinary applicant group. Priority should be given to multilateral collaborative arrangements between a team of mathematicians and those from other disciplines, and to research focusing on a fundamental or applied MPE problem.

to make the link between French and international mathematics around the MPE theme

Certain international actors (particularly UNESCO) have become aware that the Mathematics-Planet Earth link is very important for future research and therefore decided that MPE 2013 should be changed to “Mathematics of Planet Earth”. The political actors such as Europe, the states and the regions have an important role to play in promoting the MPE theme.

Within this axis, we propose the following tools for financing, in addition to those already available. For all these tools, it is important to take special care in choosing the selection and evaluation juries to ensure that they are multidisciplinary.


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